Tile Repair/Grout Repair Mansfield TX

Tile Repair/Grout Repair Mansfield TX 817-473-8890If you have unsightly floors that are cracking and have discolored grout, Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning has a solution for you.

Splitting grout is more of a problem than just looking bad. If it is not repaired, it can harm the subfloor and can cause the homeowner the expense of having to replace the entire floor.

Tile Repair/Grout Repair Mansfield TX 817-473-8890

Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning can take out the damaged grout and can replace the tiles and the grout if there are tiles on hand and will come as close to the original color as possible.

According to Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning, you should chose to have the tiles and grout cleaned and sealed immediately after the repair job is completed.

Grout Sealer Service

Does water bead up on your grout?

Tile Repair/Grout Repair Mansfield TX 817-473-8890When water is spilled on your grout, it should not sink into the grout. Instead, it should bead up in a ball. If your grout does not bead liquid, there is a good change that your grout needs a sealer.Before a sealer can be applied, the grout must be completely and thoroughly cleaned. Our top of the line Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning Sealer will lay a protecting barrier and will not allow discoloration to occur from exposure to dirt and grime.Even though your grout has been sealed, it can still be stained. Cleaners can remove the sealant over time and it is possible that the sealant might need to be repaired.