Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Mansfield TX

Imagine your favorite painting and then consider what it would look like with a decaying, mildew stained picture frame. If your reaction was “Ew!” then you know exactly what improperly maintained grout can do to a tiled surface. Grout not only holds the tiles in place and provides a needed protectively layer to the underlying surface, but it is the picture frame to the mosaic that is your tile. Sadly, all too often people who invest in beautiful tile floors neglect to seal their grout. Over time, that porous cement surface will trap stains and microbes giving it a dirty discolored look and possibly unpleasant odors.

This is where Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning comes to the rescue. We have a five-step process that will not only bring your tile grout back to a pleasant appearance, but it will be endowed with the ability to remain much cleaner and eye appealing after the cleaning which will promote a longer lasting beauty for your tiled surfaces.

How do we do it? Well, it’s not so much a mystery as it is the simple act of knowing how to care for grout and we at Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning know our grout. Here’s our process to get your tile grout looking beautiful.

  1. Loosen up tile & grout dirt, stains, and impurities. Both surfaces will be treated with acid/alkaline cleaning solutions which will linger for roughly twenty minutes. During that time any built up grease, surface residues, and contaminants will be ready to be removed.
  2. Scrub Surfaces Clean. Power scrubbers with surrogated brush heads will lift off the dirt & films loosened up from step one. It is also during this time that both baseboard and edge cleaning is performed.
  3. Pressure Rinse – both tile and grout are rinsed clean with pressurized hot water which ensures that both cleaning solutions, dirt, contaminants, grease, etc. are lifted off. Rest assured that the cleaning process is tightly controlled to prevent moisture from seeping into unwanted spaces and potentially causing damage.
  4. Quick Dry & Post-Cleaning Inspection – any water lingering on the floor following the pressure rinse is removed, high powered air dryers are deployed to dry tile & grout. Following the cleaning, a careful inspection is conducted to find and correct any remaining stains.
  5. The final step involves using the customer’s choice of sealant for the grout. This crucial step ensures that the grout will remain in excellent condition thus promoting the beauty of the tiled surface. The appearance of the grout can be altered by using a colored sealant. A clear sealant will retain the original look of the grout.