Finally, a SAME DAY – NO SANDING Solution To Give You Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Wood Floor Mansfield TX 817-473-8890In the past, those needing their hardwood floors refinished had to tolerate the strong smell of the chemicals used to treat & finish the wood. Often times that required vacating the premises for days in order to allow the smells to die down. However, the smell wasn’t the only price to pay for refinished hardwood floors. If the floors required sanding, customers had to tolerate hardwood dust which tends to linger for weeks until it is finally removed.

Thankfully, the days of hazardous odors and bothersome hardwood dust are a thing of the past if you employ Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning. How is that possible? Because we have invested in leading technology to refinish hardwood floors with what we term our “no sand refinishing” process. This method can even be applied to laminate floors, and both pre-finished & finished surfaces.

Wood Floor Mansfield TX 817-473-8890

How well does our method work? In one word: exceptional. Those who use engineered floors understand that traditional sanding & staining methods are not applicable. In those cases, our method becomes the only alternative for maintaining the floors, but rest assured it’s also the best method. Our “no sand refinishing” treatment will increase the eye appeal of the floors regardless of the type of wood used. Bear in mind that with some surfaces, sanding may still be required in order to get the best results.

Contact us and we’ll help you understand whether the “no sand refinishing” process is an option for your floors. This method isn’t new or risky; it’s been in use for years in Canada and the United States. Also, all of our technicians were rigorously trained in the United States by certified experts.