Is Your Marble, Granite, Travertine,Limestone or Slate Filthy, Stained or Just Plain Dull?]

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A natural stone finish in your kitchen or bathroom has a luxuriously fresh appeal. Keeping your marble stone floor free from nicks and dings are not an option and if it is not taken care of on a monthly basis, it becomes noticeable to eye, making it costly to replaces. While you may lean more towards a hardwood finish because of the maintenance of natural stone flooring, here are some quick tips on preserving the natural stone finish to prevent a costly investment.


Below is a list of services available and a brief description of each.

Natural Stone Services Mansfield TX 817-473-8890

GRINDING to remove deep scratches

Grinding is a dust free technique that simply takes the wear and tear and deep scratches from your stone floor. This process is done with a heavy machine with pad-like attachments that smooth out the rough areas.

This is a DUST FREE wet process.




Natural Stone Services Mansfield TX 817-473-8890

HONING for minor scratches and traffic

Honing is a technique used for minor scratches. This is also a wet process that uses pads to removes minor wear and tear from shoes and animals feet.

POLISHING to give your floors a shine

Last but certainly not least, polishing is a necessary upkeep for your stone floors healthy glow. From high quality polishing agents to maximum abrasives, your stone floor will leave a richly smooth look for quite some time!

Natural Stone Services Mansfield TX 817-473-8890

MAINTENANCE to keep it beautiful

All stone flooring requires a bit of maintenance if you want to keep it fresh and pleasant to the eye. You may not be able to keep Fido from chasing the cat around the house, but you can maintain the healthy shine of your stone floor without breaking the bank!