Natural Stone Services Mansfield TX

Natural Stone Services Mansfield TX 817-473-8890Natural stonework is becoming more and more popular with architects who are designing for businesses. Well-installed and well-fabricated stonework is beautiful and makes a great and agreeable impression on a business’s customers. However, if the stonework is outdoors, it’s subject to the vicissitudes of the weather. Even indoor stonework isn’t immune from damage like tarnishing, etching and staining.

A business owner who needs his or her stonework repaired and restored should look no further than Goodfellas Natural Stone Services. We will send a representative to your building to evaluate the stone, what biological or chemical sources have caused it to be stained or damaged and determine what methods and cleansers are best to restore it.

Surfaces made of stone or concrete, including pavements and walls, are subject to corrosion and staining by many substances. These substances can be artificial or man-made. This is because even the toughest stone like granite is porous. These pores can become filled with contaminants that dull the stone’s appearance or even cause the stone to degrade.

Our technicians from Goodfellas Carpet Cleaning are trained to identify those contaminants that have marred your stonework whether they be chemical or biological. Then, they will restore your stonework quickly and permanently. The remedy can be as simple as a scrub to rid the stonework of fungus or a total resurfacing. Only our experts know which cleaning and restoration method is the best for your stonework.

We also offer our customers free estimates. Give us a call today.